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A Handyman Making The Most Of The Extended Summer

Mr Fix It is enjoying this extended summer and wishes for an Indian summer to follow.  One of our top services this year has been interior painting of apartments, especially when our clients move homes.  These days, the full team is busy discussing home improvement projects with our clients and planning a wide range of interior, exterior and gardening projects.  We have chosen a selection of our recent blogs and tips to remind you of some home projects you could start to plan and book with Mr Fix It.


Interior Painting Guidelines: Geneva & Lausanne

Painting the interiors around the house or your office means some prep work will be required in the process. Read more


Exterior Painting Tips and Guidelines

Painting the exterior of your home can be pretty hard in Switzerland, even when the conditions you have are right.  Read more


Top 5 Reasons to Prune Your Trees

Tree pruning is a typical gardening skill used to improve tree growth and shape by trimming branches and leaves. Read more


How to Make Small Spaces More Homely

Living in a small home, common in the Lausanne and Geneva areas, is not as strenuous as one might think. Read more


The Rise of Concierge Services in Lausanne and Geneva

Numerous concierge services are offered in Lausanne and Geneva areas. Today, concierge services have an ever-increasing demand. Read more


Easy Kitchen Refurbishment Tips

Kitchen remodeling is an important part of making your home not only feel and look like new, but also a more practical solution for you to work in. Read more


If you require some help around your gardens and home, Mr Fix It is able to provide you with an estimate for your home project around the Geneva, Nyon, Lausanne, Vevey, Montreux and greater Vaud area.

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