A Fab Makeover for Your Bathroom

Renovating the bathroom seems like quite the hassle, as it’s usually one of the most costly and large-scale projects in any household. If you’d like to add some new features to your tired bathroom but don’t want to make a dent in your budget hiring handymen and spending too much on costly tiles and plumbing fixtures, here’s a list of some easy-breezy DIY projects that will invigorate your bathroom and let you indulge in a five-star-hotel style without the stress and complications of a long-haul.

1 Put Accents on the Shelves

Rustic and vintage is the fad that has been sweeping all DIY projects for quite some time now and by the looks of it, it’s not going anywhere.

So, why not jump on the bandwagon with this trend and add a rustic feel to your bathroom to make it look like a professional designer and a brigade of handymen were at work transforming it into a magazine cover material? To make your own rustic shelves, all you need is a couple of tree branches about 12 inches long and some planks, depending on how many shelves you want to add.

  • Drill through a spot centered 2 inches from one end of each shelf and into the bottom of the branch.
  • Do the same on the other end of the board and set the branches in place, using a wood screw.
  • Set the second shelf in place and drill and screw down into the attached branches from the top.
  • Repeat the process for each shelf until you have enough for your project.
  • Finish the installation by mounting hardware and hanging on screws that have been anchored into the wall.

2 Note to Self

We’re all used to (and admittedly a bit fed up) with motivational quotes being constantly reposted on our social media feed but there is one easy way to start your day with an inspiration, which doesn’t involve sleepily scrolling your phone.

  • Use the inside of your bathroom cabinet as a message board from you to you so you can kick off each day with a smile and a positive mood.
  • Lightly sand the interior of the cabinet door and outline with painter’s tape to prevent streaks and spills.
  • Apply at least two coats of chalkboard paint with a small roller, allowing at least 15 minutes between each application.
  • Write your own personal motivational thoughts or scribble a reminder – there’s no way you’ll miss it!

And it’s a lot of fun feeling like a child in front of the blackboard.

3 Let That Sink in

If you have a small bathroom and not enough storage space, a pedestal sink can make all the difference, as it will open up floor space, instantly making the entire room look more expansive. There is a myriad of styles for pedestal sinks and some of them are really affordable options.

Once you get rid of a clunky vanity, you can personalize your space further with storage options that will complement your new pedestal sink and the entire bathroom décor. To add some elegance and chic, consider installing a bowl sink. Vessel sinks still look upscale even if they don’t cost as much as when they first became popular and are available in all kinds of materials – stone, glass and metal. And smaller bowls are also a space-savvy solution for half bathrooms and powder rooms.

4 Upgrade the Lighting

Shed some new light on your bathroom and you will easily have the change you need for a fresh modernised look without gutting the entire room.

  • Line the frame of a mirror or the inside of glass cabinet doors with LED strips and you will feel like a star in their dressing room.
  • Replace old pendants and other hanging fixtures with new ones for a personal touch. You don’t have to splurge on luxury items – find some unique vintage pieces at thrift stores or garage sales. If you’re crafty, you can even fashion one yourself and add a spark of personality.
  • Think about installing a toe-kick nightlight on the underside of the vanity to make those visits in the middle of the night safer.

5 Re-Tile the Shower

ou can breathe new life and change the overall appearance of your bathroom with something as simple as new shower tiles. And no, it doesn’t have to be an arduous and expensive project. If you want to make your bathroom truly unique, mix and match materials.

  • Add expensive mosaics to more affordable tiles and the results will be truly stunning! Mixing tiles means you will need small amounts of each so you can find them at reduced rates from people who have some surplus after renovations.
  • Ask friends and neighbours if they have some they don’t need or search online. You know what they say about one man’s trash … You can tie the whole bathroom interior together by using the mosaic accents of the shower in your own customized tiled vanity. Simply top a 60 x 90 cm plywood board with cement board, apply tile as desired and secure the vanity to the wall through studs. Mount the top on wood posts. Use a carbide-tipped or diamond-tipped drill to cut holes for the plumbing or ask a handyman to do the installation for you.

And there you have it – a luxury looking bathroom on a budget is not a mission impossible! You don’t have to be a professional handyman to handle simple repairs and improvements, but for those more complicated and specific dreamy bathroom upgrades, it is best to consider experienced handymen for a really fantastic bathroom makeover.

Written by Dmitri Kara
The Fantastic Handymen Services of London

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