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Tree pruning is a typical gardening skill used to improve tree growth and shape by trimming branches and leaves. When starting your gardening efforts, it is key to have the outcome or shape in mind. Expert gardeners suggest to follow these easy steps:


  • Aesthetics – Great garden care can create a beautiful design. Landscape gardeners suggest that pruning should maintain the overall shape and size of the tree. Proper pruning means that trimmed areas should not be obvious. Additionally, pruning can remove unwanted branches, suckers or other fruiting structures that intervene with a trees natural form.


  • Landscaping Purposes – Flowering and fruit development can be encouraged by tree pruning. Tree branches can be pruned to maintain a certain look or can be useful to form a dense hedge.


  • Promote Tree Health – Damaged, injured, diseased or pest-infested branches will require pruning when no other solution is available. Pruning ensures that the problem will not escalate and spread to other parts of the tree. Branches which rub against each other as they grow are also in need of pruning, as proper growth is prevented.


  • Preventive Maintenance – Tree pruning aids young trees develop strong structures and not become deformed. Gradually prune lower branches as a tree grows in order to raise its crown and never cut back a header.


  • Injury and Property Damage Prevention – Tree pruning can prevent branches from becoming a hazard to property and people. Branches overhanging homes, sidewalks and places where there is human traffic should be carefully evaluated to see if pruning alone can fix the issue or if the tree will have to be taken down completely. Pay attention to tree branches near utility and electrical wires.


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