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Painting the exterior of your home can be pretty hard in Switzerland, even when the conditions you have are right.  The job will require you to put in a good investment of time, materials and painting tools, something that will take a good bit of effort, but you can pull it off the right way. With the right repainting of your exterior walls the appeal and value of your home will raise as well. You can benefit from it, but you will have to plan for it as time goes by.  Start with cleaning the exterior of your home as this is the foundation for a successful job.  You may need help for the job, so you should think about hiring professionals in Lausanne or Geneva or by working with your family or friends.

Since you will likely spend a good deal of money on paint, tools and more you need to at least consult professional help. First of all, they will be able to work on things with professional experience and the patience necessary for perfection, something not all of us have. The following guidelines will give you a chance to make it work:

·       Getting high quality paint tools

When it comes down to topcoats, you will need great equipment to make it happen. You can get high quality bristle brushes if you want to have excellent latex paint application. A straight bristled brush will be a good addition for larger areas that need painting. A smaller angled brush should also be a part of your tools to allow you to take care of the more detailed work and harder to reach places. If you need to cover large areas fast, then you will need to have a good roller with a nice roller cage for brick and stucco. You may also need to have a different set of rollers for different areas. Make sure you also have clean paint cans and a good bucket too get some great music and set the mood for a day of work.

·       Look at paint stores for inspiration

Choosing the right colors for your home exterior will become an important aspect of the architectural properties of the home you have. Check out the potential information you can find online that would give you more information on specific styles you may have on your mind. Paint stores will have the experience you need to find the right solution and a better approach on painting. You should make sure you have setup your home in such a way as to avoid the need for excessive house cleaning, specifically upholstery cleaning and carpet cleaning. Make sure your items are out of the way or that they are covered and move on with the actual task.

If you need support to start your painting, Mr Fix It has a dedicated and professional team which can manage the full project for you. We provide a free estimate for all refurbishments and renovations from Geneva to Lausanne to Montreux in Vaud.

Good luck with your project!

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