How to Make Small Spaces More Homely

Living in a small home, common in the Lausanne and Geneva areas, is not as strenuous as one might think. With a few smart interior design ideas, even a tiny home can become one you have always dreamed of. Take advantage of the following tips to make the most of your compact living space:

  • Pull-out or fold-able furniture will help to free up precious space. Having a pull-out bed, or a fold-able table and chairs will allow you to have everything you need, without constantly cluttering up your home.
  • Small home owners need to make use of every nook and cranny. Keep interior decoration to a minimum by only incorporating accessories that will complement the interior design without looking excessive.
  • Decorating with light colours and mirrored surfaces will make small rooms seem larger. Furniture with rounded corners rather than sharp ones will prevent possible damage to walls and injuries while rearranging and moving furniture or navigating around your home.
  • Maximize storage space by taking advantage of all niches and hidden areas. Utilize the space under your bed to avoid space-consuming closets for example or cover a chest of drawers with a few comfy pillows to provide some extra seating. Floating shelves can create some extra storage without making your already small home seem smaller.

By using interior design and decoration intelligently, the inconveniences of a small living space, in the Lausanne and Geneva areas, will be minimized.

Good luck decorating!

Mr Fix It

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