Why Choose Mr Fix It?


Experience is key. Mr Fix It will be working around your home and so you want to feel comfortable. We have a long list of happy clients who are proud to support us with testimonials. He ensures that all projects are 1) Well Defined 2) Detailed Estimates 3) Quality Guarantee 4) Provide Great Value for money plus he is a very friendly handyman! He has a valid working permit and is fully insured to carry out his work.


Mr Fix It's handyman reputation is based on quality work, his reliability and dependability. He often starts out with small urgent projects but soon becomes a valued handyman or painter to take care of many home improvements at clients homes. Many of his clients keep him on speed dial for those urgent 'odd jobs'.


Create a list of home repairs and odd jobs you need done and give Mr Fix It a call. You have at your disposal a handyman who can cover multiple jobs. Mr Fix It will provide you with a detailed estimate and ensure the jobs are done quickly (how does tomorrow sound ? ). He provides attention to detail, professional preparation and a high quality finish. Mr Fix It guarantees all his work.

Mr Fix It handyman services are available around Geneva, Nyon, Rolle, Morges, Lausanne and Vevey areas.

Who We Are?

Mr Fix It Team

Mr Fix It is a skilled handyman service which offers a wide range of home improvements, painting, urgent repairs and gardening services. He operates around the Swiss Romande area, Geneva, Morges, Lausanne, Vevey and greater Vaud and Valais canton.
Mr Fix It is professionally trained in one specific skill and has built up expertise in several areas over the years. He is experienced in different types of home improvements such as painting, carpentry, tiling, laying floors, hanging lights & pictures, garden maintenance, car mechanics and basic electrical or plumbing.
Most home owners create a ‘to do’ list for Mr Fix It and ask him to quote on all the jobs.  He normally tries to get them completed in one day. For larger projects, Mr Fix It will provide an estimate for the project before he starts. He has a Swiss working permit, is insured to carry out the work at your home and the billing system and rates are transparent.

Mr Fix It will always strive to maintain the highest standards and match your expectations on quality, timings and value.


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Mr Fix It will provide you with an experienced independent handyman or painter who is honest, hardworking, dependable and provides great value for money.

Where We Work

Lausanne Region

Handyman Serveice in Lausanne Area - Pully, lutry, renens, prilly bussigny
Lausanne, Pully, Lutry, Epalinges, Forel, Savigny, Belmont, Prilly, Renens, Bussigny, Ecublens...

Vevey Area

Handyman services Vevey Vaud
Vevey, La-Tour-de-Peilz

Montreux Area

Handyman services Montreux and Chablais areas
Montreux, Blonay, Aigle, Bex, Villars, Leysin, Villeneuve...

Morges Area

Handyman service morges, allaman, aubonne, rolle
Morges, Préverenges, Allaman, Aubonne, Rolle...

La Côte Area

Handyman services La Côte, Nyon, Copper, Gland, Divonne
Limited services outside of Geneva

Geneva Region

Handyman services Geneva and Geneva Canton.
Geneva, Versoix, Bellevue...