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Kitchen renovation is an important part of making your home not only feel and look like new, but also a more practical solution for you to work in. The following kitchen refurbishment pointers will help you move forward with the job.

To refurbish your kitchen, you will need the following:

Updating your kitchen hardware
Firstly, consulting a carpenter to redesign the upper cabinets you have and going for a more open look for small kitchens is a good start. Install shelving at a more comfortable height, but make lower shelves at about 20 or so inches below the upper ones for an optimal kitchen design. Combining kitchen aesthetics with the much necessary kitchen storage space will allow for an improved solution that will serve you best over time.

Replacing and upgrading your appliances
A popular way to update your kitchen is to replace the already existing appliances with versions that are multi functional and stylish. The choice of appliances will be pretty obvious, which means you can look for energy efficient solutions for your existing appliances. Handyman services will help you out with a lot of the tasks, such as hooking up electrical services, plumbing repairs and potential appliance repairs when the need arises. This will provide you with a hassle free project!

Update the cabinets
Sometimes the small touches can go a long way if you know what you need to do. Changing the knobs and working on small touches will make the aesthetics all the more appealing and practical overtime. This is something that would be fairly easy to handle with or without a handyman backing you up.

If you need support to manage your kitchen renovations, Mr Fix It has a dedicated and professional team which can manage the full project for you. We provide a free estimate for all refurbishments and renovations from Geneva to Lausanne to Montreux in Vaud.

Good luck with your project!

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