Special focus on future developments in Geneva at the 8th Edition of Les Automnales!

Some great events coming up in Geneva, see www.knowitall.ch for a complete list of what is going on in Geneva.  We especially like this event with a super reproduction of what Geneva may look like in 2030.

What will Geneva look like in 2030? How will we get about town? What will be the new and upcoming places to live? These and many more questions Read more

Garden Care

Easy Spring Gardening Tips

The need to have your garden ready for all seasons as it grows is an ever present one around Geneva and Lausanne, something you can never truly avoid no matter how ready you think you may be. The tips ahead will give you the pointers you may need to make use of gardening services Read more

Exterior Painting

Exterior Painting |Tips | Guidelines | Handyman | Geneva | Lausanne

Painting the exterior of your home can be pretty hard in Switzerland, even when the conditions you have are right.  The job will require you to put in a good investment of time, materials and painting tools, something that will take a good bit of effort, but Read more