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Easy Spring Gardening Tips

The need to have your garden ready for all seasons as it grows is an ever present one around Geneva and Lausanne, something you can never truly avoid no matter how ready you think you may be. The tips ahead will give you the pointers you may need to make use of gardening services during spring time and to even take care of all of it yourself:


  • Spring time is when you need to start working on ordering summer-flowering bulbs and seeds as they will be blossoming and growing in the hotter months ahead of you. A good example of that can be lilies, buttercups, gladiolas and many other similar plants, as they can be easily planted during spring, blossoming later down the line.
  • For spring time need to start by ordering some summer-flowering seeds and bulbs well ahead of time, as they will allow you to use them when they blossom in the hotter months ahead. Gladiolas, lilies and buttercups are a good way of doing this, as they can be planted during the spring season, allowing them to bloom later during the summer as a result. Depending on the season in which this takes place, you will need to deal with the appropriate plants so they will grow for when you need them, keeping track of when they grow best throughout the year.
  • You should also remove any debris, twigs, and leaves and so forth so your flower beds and general gardening areas should be clean instead of cluttered. Once you are done with this you will have a better chance to work on gardening and digging in a layer of compost or manure into the soil.
  • If you have a greenhouse in your garden, then you will need to work on keeping it clean and nice. You should also work on removing the debris from the benches and the floor, taking care of any pests that may be infesting your grass in the process.
  • Geraniums are a good choice of plants, as well as peppers, aubergines and begonias. Late bloomers will be useful during the later months, so consider that as you move on with your life. Pay attention to their needs and plan well ahead of time to ensure you will have what you need further down the line during landscaping and gardening.
  • You may need to work on eliminating and removing pests from all areas, as they will become a real problem. You should be ready for the possibility of fighting vine weevils and a number of other annoying pests, so get rid of them and call an exterminator if you have to.
  • You should also consider the installation of rain barrels if you want to collect seasonal rainfall for irrigation use further down the line. This will be more important for arid climates so don’t underestimate it.

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Good luck with your project!

Mr Fix It

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