When you have decided to change homes and find yourself with a 100 item to-do-list and need a set of spare hands, a handyman comes in handy!

If you live in Geneva, Lausanne or Valais, Mr Fix It can be with you when you exit one home and help install your lighting, beds, pictures etc in your new home.

Services Provided

  1. Lighting removed and reinstalled
  2. Dismantling of bed units before a move
  3. Reassembling of units in another place
  4. An extra pair of hands for moving homes
  5. Attending to your garden and trees


Mr Fix It will provide an estimate for the work provided based on the location and hours required.

Mr Fix It is the handyman for dependable help round Geneva, Nyon, Rolle, Morges, Lausanne, Vevey and greater Vaud, Fribourg and Valais cantons.

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