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Summer DIY with Mr Fix It

As we all enjoy the warm summer and long evenings, now is a good time to plan home improvement projects that are waiting for us to start.  So, whether it is finishing a summer project or preparing for those long nights ahead, here is our list of services that our clients regularly contact us for at this time of year:

  1. Interior LightsWhether you have moved in, realized that your lighting needed some improvements for the winter months or wanted to upgrade to energy efficient lighting, you can really change the ambience of home, sitting room and bedrooms with some subtle changes.  Put together a list of what your needs are, what your budget is and what you need changed.
  2. Picture Hanging: Do you have wonderful pictures, mirror or paintings waiting to be hung but do not have the tools or ladders to get the job done.  So improve the look of those bear walls and start planning where you want to place your favourite items.
  3. Interior PaintingWe find the best way to give your home a fresh look is to paint your bedrooms or bathrooms.  It is allot of fun to choose the right colours or colour palate if you a mixing colours.  We often paint homes in timeless and neutral colours but some clients also like strong, bold colours for bedrooms or sitting room walls.  Paint should always be regarded as affordable and changeable.  Best of all you can compliment your rooms with curtains, pillows shower curtains and bed spreads.
  4. IKEA Time: September is a great time to re-organise your furniture and bedrooms. It  is a time to get ready for winter, being indoors and enjoying home life. When going to IKEA take time to create a list of what you need, take the exact measure of the space you are going to fill and remember to ensure your car can hold all the furniture!  Do you need a spare sets of hands and the right tools, Mr Fix It will help get your furniture assembly project off to a good start and quality finish.
  5. GardeningBefore autumn rolls in and winter casts its first snow, there are many things to consider in a Swiss garden.  Preparing the plants, flowers and lawns for wetter and colder weather is a starting point, making sure your drains and gutters are clean and ensuring any wooded elements are treated.

If you are keen on making getting your home ready before autumn or winter, call Mr Fix It and we will discuss the options, provide you with an estimate/hourly rate and a reliable timeline for completing the project.

So if you find yourself with a growing ‘to do’ list and you need a pair of helping hands or green thumbs, give Mr Fix It a call.  We are here to help you stay on top of all your home projects and odd jobs across Geneva, Lausanne Nyon, Morges and Vevey.

Contact Mr Fix It today to get a free cost estimate and start date.


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