Interior Painting Savigny 2014

House Interior Painting, Savigny

Preparation, Preparation, Preparation

If there is one word that is the secret to success in home improvements, it’s preparation!

This was a renovation project based in Savigny. For the interior, Mr Fix It was chosen for his careful attention to detail, outstanding preparation, providing a great value estimate and guaranteeing the quality of his work.

With great preparation, comes meticulous cleaning at the end of each day and keeping the owner informed of progress. I think you can see from the photos why the owner was so pleased!


House renovation Divonne 2015

House Renovation and Interior Painting, Divonne

House Renovations

This home renovation project in Divonne, France, was in the works for over a year. Mr Fix It was asked to join the crew to insert some dividing walls, including framing and dry walling and lead the interior painting for several rooms. Preparation is key for any job, but more so when it involves your precious belongings.

Mr Fix It ensured that the full work area was professionally prepared by papering the floors, plastic covers for furniture and windows. Each evening before leaving, the area was fully cleaned and ready for inspection, allowing the owner to have full visibility of the work in progress.