Sushi Bar Renovation Pully

Sushi Bar, Pully

Commercial Premises

Mr Fix It is a lover of Asian cuisine and was delighted to help renovate these premises into a modern, Asian restaurant. Andrew applied wall paneling, painted interior walls, hung the lights, assembled the dresser and even the sushi bar itself.

This type of project lasted 3 days and we were delighted with the finished product.

Pool deck renens before 2014

Refinishing Pool Deck, Renens

Pool Wooden Decking

This project in Renens represents the quality of our outdoor carpentry handyman work. The wood surrounding the pool had become rotten in places and we needed to install some additional steps and repair some wooden poles.

We ensured sourcing of the right wood, measuring the zone for repair and completed the full prep of the area. The key improvements in this renovation work was sanding, staining and sealing to ensure the pool can be enjoyed for many more years to come.



Pool Shed Pully, 2014

Pool Shed, Pully

Pool House

This was an ageing pool house that served as a changing room in Pully and had suffered from exposure to the elements. After years of sun, rain and winter conditions, it was in need of some tender loving care. Mr Fix It has years of carpentry experience. He purchased the materials, used his tools to remove the damaged wood and then started to sand, prime and apply several coats of long life paint to get this stunning little feature piece back to its former glory.

Balcony Refresh Pully 2014

Balcony Cleanup and Refresh, Pully

Exterior Spring Cleaning

This exterior painting project and type of balcony is fairly common for private homes, apartments or group accommodations. Winter, rain, humidity and snow can all damage the surfaces or discolour the exterior paint very rapidly. Mr Fix It was on hand to spring clean this tired area.

Mr Fix It It cleared the area of fallen leaves and cleaned the balcony. Then he power washed the walls and floor tiling before starting to prepare the walls for a full repaint. All in all, the work took 2 days but will provide years of pleasure for the family to enjoy in the warmer months on their clean balcony.