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Common Mistakes when Tree Pruning & Hedge Trimming

It is often tempting to start chopping and pruning trees and trimming hedges by yourself or get a local guy with a clippers & chain saw to get the job done.  The problem is that an in-experienced gardener can permanently ruin the shape of your precious trees and leave them open to disease, frost and storm damage.

The top problems we are often asked to correct:

Over Pruning: By over pruning your trees or hedges, in excess than 10%, you can cause the tree or hedge to stop producing enough food & nutrients plus cause some overall structural problems.

Poor Cutting: By cutting or pruning too close to the bark you may remove some of the protection the tree requires to defend itself from disease and pests.

Poor Timing: Depending on the species and variety, each has different times of the year when you should prune your tree or trim your hedges. Also, some sides of the trees are more vulnerable in summer, spring & fall.

Scalping: This involves removing excessive amounts of the tree’s head or crown.  What often remains is ugly, unbalanced and can lead to structural weakness’ which may cause further problems during storms or heavy snow falls.

At Mr Fix It, we have an experienced, qualified Horticulturist and Tree Surgeon, Matthieu Rigaud.  His passion is to build and enhance gardens focused on your wonderfully mature trees and hedges. He is professionally trained and fully insured to carry out all high & low tree pruning and gardening services.

He operates across the Geneva, Nyon, Morges, Rolle, Lausanne, Vevey & Montreux areas.

Very experienced, highly skilled and totally reliable, contact Matthieu at www.mr-fix-it.ch for a free quotation for your gardening project.


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