Assembly Tips for IKEA

Have you just moved homes and want to install some IKEA furniture by yourself?  It is a great idea! IKEA furniture is dynamic, modular and can also be fun to install, if you follow a few easy steps.

This week we blog on how to set yourself up for success, if you go it alone.

Attached are some ‘tips of trade’ to help you enjoy IKEA furniture assembly:

  • Prepare the Work Area: Ensure you have a clean and flat work area with a cover on the floor or work area. Think big and make sure you have enough room to work with ease and turn the item around, if necessary.  Remember, the instructions are there to help us, so take time to review before commencing any work.
  • Get Organised: Do a full stock take of all materials that are supplied and cross check with instructions to ensure you have what you need.  We recommend using an empty egg box or baking tin to hold all small items.
  • Tools, Tools, Tools: IKEA assembly is easy once you have the right tools.  They often suggest a screw driver but in reality, all handymen use cordless drills that have all the right bits to assemble the units really fast.  Get the right ‘allen keys’ and a wooden or rubber hammer to tap in any small wooden pegs.  Remember, do not over tighten the screws, just keep them flush with the unit.
  • Take Control: Each furniture item should be completed by one person. Sharing tools, looking for pieces and debating what goes where, is not recommended if you want to stay cool and remain friends!

Have you been down this road before and enjoyed it?  Please send us any tips or photos of the work you are most proud and would like to share with our readers on facebook or twitter.

Or if you need assistance to assemble IKEA furniture, simply contact us at and our handymen will be delighted to help.

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