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Staying Cool!

It is hard to believe that here in the Lake Lémann/Geneva area we are enjoying a summer that rivals that of Rome or Athens.  However, most of us have been searching without success to find a strong fan or free standing air con unit.  So how can we cool down as the temperatures heat up?

Our handymen at www.mr-fix-it.ch have picked up some great tips on how to cool down during this heat wave.  In this blog, we wish to share our know-how so you can enjoy your home even more even if you are not one of the lucky ones to find an air con.

1. Keep the shades down on the sunny side of your home during peak temperature hours.  Opening doors on the cooler side and using any fans to push warm inside air out can help drop the temperature and make the evening more pleasant inside.

2. If you live in a duplex or house, the downstairs will normally be a few degrees cooler, so take advantage of this during the hotter periods during the day.

3. Our personal favourite is an old New York trick, where you place some chilled water in front of a fan and enjoy the cool air being blown in your direction.

4. Keep hydrated.  Carry bottled water with you at all times, keep a supply in your car and if you have time, chill some water in the fridge.  Remember that alcohol will not hydrate and usually causes dehydration to kick in quicker.

5. Eat light and avoid foods in the evening that accelerate your digestive system.

6. Once the outside temperature drops below the inside temperature, usually after 22.00hrs then open all doors and windows and turn on the fans to circulate the air.

7. Take note, if you have house pets and ensure they are benefiting from the shade, cooler home areas and have access to allot of fresh food and water.

During the recent heatwave, Mr Fix It was doing some conversion work in an attic and to stay cool use some of the above techniques plus of course having an ice cream and cool ice tea during the day.

If you need some help during this extended warm period, be it for gardening, building a shed for your pets, putting a plug on that air con or installing IKEA furniture, just send us a request on info@mr-fix-it.ch and we will get back to you within a few hours.

Enjoy the summer and stay cool!

Mr Fix It

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