Andrew Diggs, the first Swiss Mr Fix It

‘Bonjour’ Mr Fix It

Home repairs never disappear but we often turn a blind eye to them.  How many times do we find ourselves wanting to start a project but run out of time or lack the right tools and know how?  Even more so, when you are living in a foreign country and everything looks different, even the plugs & bulbs!

The costs of home improvements can be off-putting and as can finding a dependable handyman who is skilled and experienced.  If you are new to Switzerland, finding an English speaking handyman can be very important so that you can explain exactly how you want the work done or finished.

Our friends, neighbours and colleagues kept saying they struggled to find a good quality, dependable and value for money handyman to fix or help on projects around their home.

So you could say, we were motivated by expats from all over the lake Geneva area to come up with a solution.  The answer to which was staring us in the face, well actually, standing in front of us at a BBQ.

Our first ‘Mr Fix It’ handyman is Andrew ‘Drew’ Diggs, based in Lausanne covering Vaud and Geneva.  English speaking, he is a trained mechanic and has over 15 years experience in a wide range of home improvements.  He is skilled, experienced, trust worthy and reliable and delivers high quality work at great value.

Here we look at a range of handyman services and skills which are just a call away.

If you are keen on making those home improvements, Mr Fix It can deliver any project, small or large.  He will inform you what the options are, provide you with an estimate and a reliable timeline for completing the project.

Contact Mr Fix It today to get a free cost estimate and start date.

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