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Have you decided to renovate and refurbish your bathroom?  Refurbishments are not a simple project, so plan for the following items before you start the project.

How much to spend?
Setting a budget will help you a lot with deciding what to buy, what to do by yourself and what to keep. Once you’ve decided how much you can spend for a new bathroom it will be much easier to start with the renovation.

How is the new bathroom going to look like?
The design and the style of your bathroom is the main subject you must consider before starting with the refurbishment. You have to think about paint color, tiles, shower, bathtubs and faucets. If you start to consider moving the plumbing, tiling and electricity, it will add extra costs.

How to choose the best ventilation?
Choosing the right fan and what position exactly to install it is a vital decision. Because of the humidity present in bathrooms a small fan or no ventilation at all may leave your bathroom damp, moldy. This  may harm your health. The best method of drying out your bathroom is having more than one way to air it. Install a large fan that vents to the outside and an operable window. If there is any mold left from your previous bathroom buy some chemicals that will help you deal with it. If the problem is serious call professional cleaners that will find a solution for you.

Where to shop?
Our clients often visit the following places to better understand what styles and options are available : Hornbach, Ideal Confort, IKEA and many more at

Remember, if you need support or a team to take care of all your bathroom refurbishments, Mr Fix It has professional team which can take care of the full project.  We provide a free estimate for all refurbishments and renovations from Geneva to Lausanne to Montreux in Vaud.

Good luck with your project!

Mr Fix It

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